[ATTENTION: this resume has not been updated since 1998]

David M. Besonen
P.O. Box 788
Cottage Grove, OR 97424

d a v i d b
p a n i x
c o m


As an administrator of large corporate LANs, and as a consultant to many small businesses and individuals, I have accumulated a significant amount of experience and knowledge. My work has included advising and making purchase decisions on hardware & software for networks, servers, and desktop systems. I also have extensive installation, trouble-shooting, and repair experience. In addition to administering networks I enjoy teaching end users how to get the most out of "office productivity" software. Frequently I am told that I am a patient and effective teacher. I have been consulting since 1985.


- Administering & installing local area networks
- Training end users in a classroom setting
- Introducing new users to telecommunications
- Teaching young children how to program computers

- Palm PDAs
- PC, XT, 286, 386, 486, Pentium, Pentium II, AMD & Cyrix
IBM-compatible desktops, notebooks, & servers
- SMP systems
- Macintosh Plus, Classic, SE, SE/30, II series, PowerBook,
Centris, Quadra, and Power Macintosh computers
- Various Digital mainframe & mini computers
- Dot matrix, laser, inkjet printers & plotters
- Various modems & FAX/modems
- Hercules, MCGA, CGA, EGA, VGA & SVGA graphics
- CD-ROM & CD-R drives
- Iomega ZIP drives
- UPSs (power protection)
- Scanners (black & white and true color)
- LCD overhead projector panels
- MFM/RLL, ATA (IDE), SCSI hard drives & RAID systems
- Tape drives (including DAT, DLT, & Exabyte)
- Network cabling: 10/100Base-T, Thinnet, Token-Ring
- Network hubs, switches, routers, & IP switches
- Network interface cards (NICs)
& Microchannel bus architectures

- Java - Pascal - C
- Hardware & software configuration problems
- Telecommunication/networking problems
- Hard drive data recovery
- Virus protection and elimination
- System upgrades

Operating Systems/Environments & Network Protocols:
- Palm OS 2.x & 3.x
- Microsoft Windows 3.xx, 95, & NT 3.xx - 4
- MS-DOS 2.xx - 6.xx
- Macintosh System 6.x.x - 7.x.x
- UNIX (SunOS, Ultrix, & Linux)
- Novell NetWare 2.xx - 3.xx
- Banyan VINES 5.xx
- Digital's VMS 5.xx - 6.xx
- DESQview/X 1.xx

Software Applications (very abridged):
- Adobe PageMaker
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe Premier
- AutoCAD
- Caere OmniPage Pro.
- Check Point Firewall-1
- Corel (WordPerfect) Suite
- dBase
- FileMaker Pro
- HyperCard
- Lotus Suite
- MS Access
- MS Excel
- MS Exchange
- MS NT Server
- MS Proxy Server
- MS SQL Server
- MS Visual Basic
- Procomm Plus
- Remedy ARS
- VentureCom Comp. Int.
- Y2K testing (several)


digital video, digital audio
security, cryptology, digital privacy


College: University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Attended: September 1987 - May 1993
Major: Social Thought and Political Economy

Industry Journals Read Regularly:

- Communications Week
- ComputerWorld
- InfoWorld
- LAN Times
- PC Magazine
- Computer Shopper
- Macworld
- Open Computing
- PC World
- WebWeek


Information Technology Consultant, (December 1998 - present)
digitalrelief.com (self-employed)
Cottage Grove, OR 97424

Full service information technology support for small businesses and home users in Cottage Grove (primarily) and Eugene.

Systems Integrator, (November 1996 - November 1998)
an imaging company
Portland, OR 97224

Responsible for managing relationships with suppliers and manufacturers for the production of a portable Pentium-based infrared imaging system. Managed EOL issues: selection and testing of new components to ensure functionality with the rest of system. Maintained up-to-date expertise on high performance, low cost mass storage solutions, and applied this knowledge to improve the stored frame rate of the system. Built, installed, & administered a Microsoft SQL 6.5 server for the purpose of running Remedy's Action Request System (ARS) helpdesk software.

Systems Integrator, (January 1996 - October 1996)
a college
New York, NY 10119

Installed and administered Windows NT Server, SQL Server, SMS Server, and Exchange Server from the Microsoft BackOffice suite. Managed 5 Pentium servers and supported a 100 node TCP/IP network comprised of Windows NT Workstation, Windows 95, and Windows for WorkGroups machines. Assisted in installing a T-1 line, CSU/DSU, and a Cisco router for an Internet connection.

Systems Integrator, (January 1995 - January 1996)
an engineering corporation
New York, NY 10119

Responsible for administering and maintaining approximately 150 users on a Banyan VINES Token-Ring network. This included all hardware and software installations, trouble-shooting, and repair for the network servers and desktop workstations. I also kept 2 Calcomp electrostatic plotters and many Hewlett Packard printers in working condition, repairing them when necessary. In between repairing equipment and reconfiguring software I ran the helpdesk, performed server backups, did some network cabling, and made sure that the WAN connection (which was linked to 2 other Token-Ring LANs, an Ethernet backbone, and a T-1 line) remained operational.

IBM-Compatible & Macintosh Consultant, (1992 - 1994)
a trade school
Hatfield, MA 01038

Responsible for advising on purchase decisions, installing, trouble-shooting, and repairing IBM-Compatibles and Apple Macintosh computers. Data conversion from old CP/M system. Database design, programming, and maintenance. Instruction/training on word processors, databases, spreadsheets, MS-DOS, MS Windows, and Macintosh OS.

Computer Lab Supervisor, (1992 - 1993)
a college
Amherst, MA 01003

Responsible for designing, purchasing, installing, running and maintaining a dual-platform computer lab, networked with Novell NetWare. This location included a variety of IBM-Compatibles ranging from 486s to XTs, and a variety of Macintosh computers ranging from Quadras to LCs. The Novell network (10Base-T Ethernet) linked 30 workstations, both IBM-Compatibles and Macintoshes. The IBM-Compatibles were running MS-DOS 5.0 and Windows 3.1, while the Macintoshes were running System 7.0. The server was an EISA 486DX2-66 machine which was to be linked to the campus backbone to provide an Internet connection.

Macintosh Consultant, (1990 - 1991)
a college
Amherst, MA 01003

Responsible for administering a network of 25 Macintosh SEs served by two Digital VAX 2000s. I was also available to the college community as a software consultant in this lab.

References available upon request